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How to create a new Tabler (user)?


To add a new tabler it’s important to do this from the club level, CLUB LEVEL. We say this twice to make it clear. Otherwise the user cannot be linked to a club and he can’t have the same membership benefits on the platform. Creating the user on the national or area level will not allow the Member function to be set. We know this is strange to have then a add contact button in all levels but it has different purposes like adding special contacts for historical purposes.

Here we will go over how to add a new user/tabler.

*Please be aware also that there associations can also use the individual registration option if you like to ask the tabler to submit his own details. For more information on the individual registration module please see this article*

How to create a new user

Step 1. Basic information

From the admin section navigate to CRM > Contacts and press the add contact +. A new page will open with a 3 step wizard.

On page 1 – Information – you are asked to insert the basic data for the user. You can insert if you like insert the Contact details and phone information but there are a few data that you need to insert that are regarded as important.

  • First and last name. Well, you need to know what the tablers name is
    • Username is built out of the first and last name but you can create a custom name if you prefer. Please note that it has to be unique so if the name already exists it will append a number at the end. If the number is added check in the club membership table if the user already exists, also the archived section
  • Email address. You need this to be able to send him a registration/password email
  • Date of Birth. This is the most crucial information and is the most difficult to change later since it’s only a special few that can change it. If this is missing he will not fully count in the statistics

Other fields you can choose to skip unless you prefer to insert it. The user can in his opt-in process add this information.

Step 2. Extra profile fields

On this page there are extra fields that the association or club is requesting. By default there are these two inputs, name of the parter and a magazine preference. Very little to explain here, you can insert something or just click Next.

Step 3. Groups & functions


Page 3 is important because it sets the login rights and other permissions in case he already has positions on board. Each member needs to have at least one function to start with, usually it’s the member position as shown in the example above. You can add as many function as needed.

If it’s for historical purposes and you don’t know the membership years you can skip and add instead the Past Member function with estimated start date. If the user is a historical user you need to access the members profile afterwards and under the Personal information edit section change him from status Active to Regular Past Member also.

Password information

On the bottom of page 3 if you choose any function with login rights you will be able to choose if you send him a random system password or you can define your own.

The second option if selected will send a opt-in email with information to complete the signup and accept the terms, conditions and consent to allow us to use the personal information you provide on the platform.

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Updated on 4. May 2020

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