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How can I assign an office to a Tabler?

There are 2 different options for assigning offices:

For both possibilities, you first have to switch to your table level in the top navigation and then click on the “Admin” button at the top right.

Variant 1:

    1. Go to Member Management / Contacts link.
    2. heck the corresponding Tabler to the left of the name
    3. A small drop-down menu opens above the list of members.
    4. Select the option “Assign office”.
    5. Select the office and the period in the field that opens and Save.

Variant 2:

    1. Go to Member Management / Contacts on the left.
    2. Click on the yellow “Actions” button to the right of the name and Select “Profile”
    3. In the member profile of the Tablers, you will find the section “Groups&Functions” on the right, click on the plus sign in the title bar
    4. Select the corresponding office and the period (year of office) and Save.

The two options for the period represent the year of office and any period of time.

Since the offices are structured the same across countries internationally, here are the translations for the not so familiar terms:

  • C.S.O – (Community Service Officer) = service officer/commissioned
  • Treasurer = Treasurer
  • Honorary Member = Honorary Member

This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)

Updated on 16. March 2021

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