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Remove / delete members from the system

In the following exceptional cases, a Tabler can be deleted from the system “soft”. Its name will then disappear from all entries and the Tabler will be archived:

    • Erroneous/duplicate entry.
    • If the user explicitly asks for it (DSGVO)
    • If the Tabler has been excluded. (would need to be discussed)

How it works:

    1. Enable admin at the top right.
    2. In the Member Management/Contacts section, select Actions/Profile to the right of the name
    3. Click the pencil at Personal Information and in the window that opens.
      – Change the status from “Active”to “Resigned”or “Excluded”.
      – Insert resignation date
    4. Save
    5. Select the pencil next to the status member at Groups & Functions and set the end date
    6. Save
    7. Return to the menu on the left Member Management / Contacts.
    8. Check the box to the left of the member you want to archive.
    9. Select “Archive”in the menu that opens at the top.
    10. Confirm archiving.

You can undo this step, if it was done by mistake, by clicking on “archived” under Member Administration/Contacts on the right in the directory tree. Mark the corresponding Tabler with a tick and select “activate” in the menu. Then undo the changes made in the profile under Personal Information and Groups & Functions.

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Updated on 5. April 2021

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