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Create honorary member

There are 2 possibilities for the registration of honorary members. Once directly from the active Tablers into the honorary membership or for older honorary Tablers the creation as a new Tablers. The whole Board and a Member with the funtion DataManager are authorised to create and change memberships.

    • Switch to table level in the top navigation.
    • Click on “Admin” in the top right-hand corner.
    • Click on Member Management / Contacts in the left menu.

For existing Tablers who move directly from active Tabler to honorary membership.

    • Select “Actions” and “Profile” on the right of the corresponding Tabler.
    • On the right, under Groups and Functions, edit the status “Members > Member”” and enter the end date of the regular membership there and save it.
    • On Groups and Functions, click on the yellow plus sign to add the new function “Members > Honorary Member”.
    • The appointment date is to be entered for the period. The end date remains open.
    • Save

New creation of an honorary member that does not yet exist in TABLER.WORLD.

    • Click on “Add contact”above the list with the already created Tablers.
    • Enter the personal data – as far as known – but at least.
      [first name], [last name]
    • Click “Next”at the bottom and enter the name of the partner, if applicable.
    • click at the bottom on “Next” and add the new function “Members > Honorary Member” via the yellow plus sign.
    • For period, enter the date of appointment. The end date remains open.
    • Save

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Updated on 19. April 2021

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