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Create a distribution/mailing list

Email distribution lists are handy and since a long-time an important tool for many tables.

Here is how you can create new mailing lists

  1. Switch to admin-mode
  2. Select “settings” from the main menu
  3. Under “communication” you can find “mailing lists”
  4. Now you see an overview over all existing mailing lists
  5. By selecting “new mailing list”, you can create a new distribution list
  6. Add the following information to the form:
    1. Name (e. g. friends, OldTablers)
    2. You can add contacts as recipients. You can only find already existing members or contacts.
    3. You can also add external email-addresses (maximum 250 addresses)
  7. Save


it takes some time until the distribution list is built within the system, so it is recommended to wait for one day before using the mailing list

these distribution lists are open to the public, which means that they can be used by anybody to send emails to it (and therefore all contained members).

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Updated on 9. January 2019

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