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Create a distribution/mailing list

Email distribution lists are practical and have long been an important tool at many tables. If you activate the Admin and then select Advanced/Settings in the left menu, you will find the item Communication / Mailing Lists. 

In the window that appears, you can see the standard mailing lists on the one hand and on the other hand you can create new mailing lists using the button at the top right.

The form to create a new mailing list requires the following information:

    1. Meaningful name (e.g. ‘Friends’, ‘OldTablers’) . @tablenumber.roundtable.world is automatically added by the system.
    2. You can choose already existing contacts as recipients. Here you will only find already registered members from the table.
    3. Under external email addresses you can now enter and add up to 250 email addresses.
    4. Use save to create the email distribution list.


It always takes a while until the distribution list is finally created in the system, so it is best to wait a day.

The mailing lists are public, so they can be contacted from any private email address. 

If the email contains links from Bitly, some providers (e.g. Telekom) will not be able to receive the email. 


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Updated on 5. April 2021

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