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Board Switch for new statutory year in one shot


Every statutory year, a new Board will be taken place. This must be entered in the RoundtableFamily.World, before the statutory year ends in the RoundtableFamily.World

How to do this as easy as possible?

First of all, the Association has to enter the Statutory year. Please see this article how to enter the data. If you are a club and it is not entered, please talk to your association.

If this is done and your new Board is elected, you can easily enter the data in the Board Switch Page.

Board Switch Page

to find the board switch page click on Admin (every board member is admin and the datamanager), click on settings (last item on the left hand side) and there you will find an entry Board Switch.

The board switch page for the next statutory will be come available 2 weeks after start of the current statutory year on the level you are. and will go away or when somebody has entered the new board data and saved it or 90 days after the current statutory year has ended.

Example: statutory year 2021-2022 is set up from 01-04-2021 until 31-03-2022 and statutory year 2022-2023 is set up from 01-04-2022 until 31-03-2023. The board switch page for statutory year 2022-2023 will be available from 15-4-2021 until 29-6-2022.

Fill in the board for the next statutory year

Click on it and you will see the actual Board and Boardassistance (not editable) and you can see the current board. Now you can select easily one function by another and enter the new board. The last vice president will be shown as president and last president as past president. This is only a preselection and can be entered.

If you are finished, click on Save and the new board functions will be entered.

NOTE: this can be done only once. After you saved it, the Board Switch page will be disappearing for this year. If you need to adapt the board or board assistance, you have to do it like you are editing all the other functions also (see this article)

If you have finished it, please check it after some minutes. Just leave the admin area and go back to the community and search for the level where you have entered the board. Here you can select the next statutory year and the list should be correct

Board Check

Check if the board are set up the correct way to go to the directory pop-up and choose the statutory year you need want to check.

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Updated on 24. May 2022

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