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Balancing an account to zero


Roundtable.world has a good financial module that you can use to manage most of the financials of the table. We have had some questions that some times there is an issue balancing the accounts and there are normal reasons for this. Therefore the financial module has a correction account that you can use.

We encourage of course to use this not unless it’s really necessary, normally the billed invoices are enough to balance an account

How to balance a negative account to zero

Finances > Accounts – showing the list of members and their Balance and Credit
New transaction page – transferring money from correction account to user

From the admin menu navigate to Finances > Accounts and click + New transaction. On the Add new transaction page (see image above) you choose:

  • A basic but understandable description what or why you are correcting the balance of an account
  • From account choose Correction account of your association/area/club. The text as you see on the image above says Name of the entity / Correction account
  • To account choose the account of the person that you need to balance. Can see this on the main overview (first image)
  • Amount, well how much money do you need to transfer to balance the account

Once you do this the account of the person is balanced by the amount you choose

Updated on 4. May 2020

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