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Assigning manager rights to users


On roundtable.world you can have either administration rights or management rights to content only as explained in this article. Here we will explain how to set management rights to one or multiple users.

With management rights a user is granted admin rights to specific modules of the association, area or club and can do the same as any admin. A manager can never get access to the most basic administration settings of the entity.

A manager can also be set for a limited purpose, for example oversee a specific activity. See below for further details.

Please note that these rights do not expire or reset by default but have to be disabled manually. So be sure to manage these permissions as needed.

Assigning rights to multiple users at once

From the admin menu an administrator can navigate to Settings > Access management. Here you list all the contacts of your entity and a list of checkboxes representing a specific module. Hover over the icons on top to see the name of the module if you are not sure. Of course you can use this also to update only one user if you prefer. It does the same for one or multiple. We will explain below how to access the control for one user at a time also via the Contacts module.

To create a manager toggle the appropriate checkbox so there is a white check sign on the box. To remove management right un-check the checkbox. Place as many as you need to any user.

If a user has a grayed out already checked box that you can’t click on it means the user has already administration rights for this module. This is controlled by the groups & functions.

There is a filter option, if your need to filter out something down look at the options and try it out.

Assigning rights to one user at a time

Open the CRM > Contacts page (See this article for information on the contact page) from the admin menu. Find the user you want to manage management rights of and select the Record option from the Actions button.

Once you are in the Records of the user check the Permissions tab. To assign or un-assign a manager right switch the control by the module either to Yes or No, depending on your choices. Afterwards click Save.  Now the user has the rights that are assigned to him.

Limited management of content

If you have management rights set to specific users you can grant persons limited access to specific content. When you do he will only be able to manage the content you allow him to manage. Some content options have this function for example activities. If you see the option it means the content can be managed specially. Remember that in order to set a limited manager the user needs to be already set as a manager to that module. Otherwise he can’t be set as a manager.

For example: If a user has management rights to the activities module but you only want him to manage one specific activity, write the name of the user in the “Select manager” input and the only activity the user can see is that are assigned to him.

In the articles for the content we will briefly go over the limited management option if it’s available.

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Updated on 7. May 2020

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